Another Self is a part of my ongoing project about generalized Nijigen subculture in China. 
As a kind of subculture, generalized Nijigen culture is becoming more and more popular among teenagers in China. It is related to Anime, Comic and Games. With deepening exploration I began to notice that there was a problem of mutual understanding between the subcultural and mainstream groups. Teenagers find comfort or escape in this virtual world for the difficulties and frustrations they encounter in the real world.
As a result, we tend to see two different individuals of the same person. This state will be different results at different times and places, or by different observers. This project is about a story of self-exploration. The consciousness makes an individual of identity. Subconsciously, we have another self-individual. How do we look at and describe ourselves? The true self is hidden in the unconscious, so which one is the real self? The desires and emotions of the ego ultimately make us connect with them.
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